Everybody can be a Goalkeeper!

What are the Global Goals? Can young people make a difference to the Sustainable Development Goals? In the English project „Turning learning into action: Everybody can be a Goalkeeper!“, students discussed these questions, talked about their dream future, the problems in the world, the skills they already have to contribute to the Global Goals, they interviewed people in Frankfurt and created action plans to solve the problems and build a better world together. Students had a lot of ideas and here you can read some quotes:  


What future do you dream of? 

My dream future is without hunger and thirst to have food and clean water for everyone in the world. (Salim)

My dream future is to have a quality education and gender equality for all the children in the world: I think that if all children go to school, as adults they will understand that war is bad. (Elisa)

My dream future is a world with no poverty, no hunger and no criminality. And I wish myself that in the future there is no climate crisis. (Emil)

My dream future is gender equality because women have the same rights as men. I want that every girl can go to school and that women get the same money as men. (Max)

I hate wars, that’s why I think "Peace and Justice" is a very important Goal. That is the dream future for me. (Paul)

My dream future is a world without plastic. (Amelie)


What are the problems in the world?

The problems are the climate crisis, the overfishing, the politics and the criminality.  (Emil)

The problem is that women don’t have the same rights as men. (Elisa)

My worries are some politicians who want to have power and make a big war. (Max)

My worries are that the people don't understand what the global pollution is. (Jeremias)

The problem is poverty in many countries. (Josefine)


What can we do to solve the problems?

No more plastic and no more trash in the streets! (Salim, Berdan, Sebastian)

We can drive less cars and go by bike or bus. We have to care about climate change. (Emil)

Don`t look somewhere else, raise your voice and tell other people about the problems. (Max)

We went to the supermarket and bought food and water and gave it to three homeless. We talked to them, we felt great! (Anastasia)

We can buy food without packaging. (Gustav)

We can go to the fridays for fure demonstrations. And we can to convince shops to use less plastic packaging. (Mika)

Give more money to schools in all the countries od the world. (Josefine)


Why are you a Goalkeeper?

I’m a Goalkeeper because I'm creative, curios, kind, helpful and brave. (Amelie)

I'm a Goalkeeper because I’m creative, curious and determined. (Jeremias)

I’m a Goalkeeper because I’m creative, curious, kind, helpful, strong and happy. (Tuana)

I’m a Goalkeeper because I’m creative, helpful and loyal. (Soraja)

I’m a Goalkeeper because I’m creative, determined and strong. (Emil)

I’m a Goalkeeper because I’m thoughtful, brave and creative. (Annabelle)

We are Goalkeepers because we are helpful, brave and determined. (Gustav, Jeremias, Mika)


 Once the problems have been solved, the world will be a better place in peace and harmony with nature (Amelie)