The Island - write your own story!

Das neue Englisch Projekt in Jahrgang 7 - "The Island. Write your own story!"

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Robert Downey Jr , Charlie Brown and Rodrigo Hernández together on a luxurious cruise ship? And minutes later, after been hit by a most devastating hurricane, all the passengers find themselves on an unknown island?

Yes, that´s the truth! All the 7th graders from IGS Süd are currently working on their own stories called „The Island“.

They had to create their own characters for the story. For that purpose they designed their own passport. Cast away on the Island and having explored it they now built the Island. How are they going to survive? Where do they get water and food? And, most important: Where's Kim's beauty case? OMG!!!

Let’s see what happens next on the Island ...


Christoph Pilgrim und Schüler*innen